About the People

The Lord called the Stephens family into full-time ministry in 1998.  In 2000, they formed a 501 C 3 non-profit public charity called Uphill Ministries.  

The Stephens homeschooled all three of their children.  Their oldest is married and has a little daughter named Rose.  The two other children currently work at Cherokee Cove.  Their calling is to steward the property and serve you through their services at  Cherokee Cove.  Stuart is a Chef, Public Speaker, and a Builder.  Samantha is a Writer, a Teacher, and a Nutritionist.

The Stephens family worships at a family integrated church called Highland Christian Fellowship in Boone, NC.

Year Round Staff


Stuart Stephens is the grounds manager and Director of Cherokee Cove! He does way too many things to list. He keeps the camp running. He is very energetic, loves the to speak and lead and is enthusiastic in everything he does! 


Samantha Stephens is a wild foods enthusiast and food scientist. As a faithful behind the scenes prayer warrior, she sets time aside daily to walk around the property and commune with the Lord. She has such a gentle spirit and is a delight to be around! "Gigi" is super excited about her new grand baby!  (Coy and Hunter's first child)


John Stephens is the Uphill Youth Boys Head Counselor and he closely assists his dad Stu with all the operations of Cherokee Cove. He is the future Director of Cherokee Cove, a very capable people manager, and is working towards his licensure with ACBC, the Association of Christian Biblical Counselors. John is a fantastic photographer with a very large following.  Check out "@Thathiker" on Twitter and Instagram.  


Libby Stephens works in general management.  So far there is NOTHING that Libby cannot do! Far beyond her years in maturity, her warm smile, loving heart, and humor brings JOY to so many.  She loves to talk about her plans for the future to include her tiny house, missions, and whatever else the Lord has in store for her.




Hudson Barry is our Bookkeeper.  He also helps with other operations such as Guest Checkin and Volunteer Management at Cherokee Cove.  He is very diligent and performs all tasks with excellence.  


Charlie is one of our lovable camp dogs! He loves back scratches, and often tries to sneak into the Conference Center when no one is looking. Lots of folks call him Charles!



Snickers is Cherokee Cove's oldest and most faithful watchdog. She'll always be at the Conference Center ready to welcome you to the camp!




Cherokee Cove is volunteer-run. Many folks from the community as well as from all over the nation and beyond are involved. Want to get involved too? We would love to have your help! Contact us for more information!